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Woman firefighters!!!! Yes we can do it too

I felt really ill today, maybe because I stayed up until 6 o'clock in the morning "Hee hee" But it was for educational reason's...really. I was watching a PBS special on woman firefighters in New York and their struggle to gain equal respect. I mean wow the horrible things these women went through just because they wanted to prove that they weren't any less than a man. I mean some were raped, beat, threaten many times. Most were fired and still went to work. Their are only 3 woman high ranking officer's in the fire department in New York, one named Brenda who really was the leader of the woman’s only real hope; and the two others also had tragic stories. I cant remember her name but this black woman finished her training and they set her up with a department that had not only disliked the idea of a woman working their but had never worked with even a black male, on her first day a group of the fire"men's" wife's stood outside and protested and that woman walked through them and had went to work, she was later slashed crossed the face with a kitchen knife by a drunk worker who wouldn’t let her take down a sign that plainly stated "woman shouldn't work like men" They let that man off on parole and a fine. And this was not many years ago this all is in a 20 year time span and the most resent problem was on the sept.11 People thought that because no woman firefighters died that it was unfair. After listening to that program I’ve realized that my issues are so small in comparison to these women’s. I'd never be able to walk into a crowd of people hating me just because I’m black and a woman, and I’m really both. My mother's black and father's white. I couldn’t do it but they did, and because they did now if I ever have a daughter like I hope than she will be able to be a firefighter if she chose’s. And I’d encourage that too, I think this world is too set on young girls having to choose one way or the other. I want to be a housewife and tell my children to be whatever they want to be. Not raise them to do as I did, because I choose this cause I wanted too, not because I had to. Their is nothing wrong with masculine women and in this day and age I say DO IT, cause it's too dangerous to walk down the street by yourself, so instead of waiting for someone to help you, make yourself strong enough to DO IT yourself, it will make you feel better about everything. That’s why I took self defense class and will be taking them again soon, its life or death people so make your decision to be left behind in an age where you must be a man to get by, or become a woman who WILL get by.
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