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newyorksbravest's Journal

Ny's Fire / EMS / Law Enforcement
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9-11-01, 911, ambulance, ambulances, auxillary officers, community service, confined space rescue, cops, courage, cpr, criminal justice, cuffs, dispatch, dispatchers, doctors, emergencies, emergency medical technician, emergency medicine, emergency rescue technician, emergency room, emergency rooms, ems, emt, emt-b, emt-d, emt-i, emt-p, engine company, er, ert, family, female fire fighters, female firefighters, female paramedics, female police officers, fire, fire academy, fire and arson investigation, fire behavior, fire department, fire dept, fire engines, fire fighter, fire fighters, fire fighting, fire house, fire rescue, fire trucks, fire women, firefighter, firefighters, firefighters last call, firefighting, fires, firewomen, first aid, first responder, fitness, friends, grief, handcuffs, hazardous materials, headquarters, health, heavy rescue, helping people, high angle rescue, hook and ladder, hospital, hospitals, justice, k-9 search and rescue, k-9 unit, k9 unit, law enforcement, learning, life, life and love, life flight, living life, love, medicine, medics, meditation, nremt, nurse practitioner, nurses, nursing, paid on call, paramedic, paramedicine, paramedics, people watching, poc, police, police academy, police and fire scanners, police cars, police department, police dogs, police squad, rapid intervention team, reading, remembering, repelling, rescue, rescue teams, riot gear, rit, ropes and knots, sacrifice, sadness, saving lives, scanners, scba, search and rescue, self contained breathing apparatus, september 11, september 11th, sign language, sorrow, state trooper, state troopers, swift water rescue, tactical ems, technical rescue, the bravest, the supreme sacrifice, truck company, truth, underwater rescue, underwater rescue and recovery, volunteer fire fighting, volunteer firefighting, volunteer work, volunteering, volunteers, women fire fighters, women firefighters, world trade center, world trade towers, wtc.